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R J Galvan
Goes through bone like butter .

Careful !!!! Frozen or not ,this bad boy don't play ,requires good chopping block.

Handle is easy to hold, fine edge

This has a better handle than any Bone chopper I have used. The fiberglass keeps a positive grip even when wet and the shape promotes control even in my big man-hands. The blade is etched which exposes the damascus pattern also helps keep it from sticking, a feature that I very much appreciate. The edge is very fine, so this is easy for a beginner to damage through overconfidence hacking into bone or over driving into a cutting board. If you can avoid these mistakes the hardness of the material plus the feathered edge mean an easier time cutting and maybe even less time sharpening.

Wonderful knife

I dislike nothing about it. Wonderful knife.

Kenneth A. Patterson
Beautiful, beautiful knife, just not as sharp as I expected.

I love this xinzuo Damascus Bone chopper. it is really, really beautiful. I've wanted a Bone chopper for a while, so when this became available I jumped on it. It is as beautiful as the images and has a great weight. It is heavy (as you would expect with a Bone chopper) but also highly maneuverable. Since I haven't used a Bone chopper very often before, it will take some getting used to, but I would expect it will be easier to use and the cuts will become more consistent with practice. I julienned some bell peppers and finely sliced some shallots and it did a pretty good job, however, the shallots put up some resistance that I just wouldn't expect with a knife of any sort in this price range. I think with some sharpening this will become an even more amazing knife, I just would expect it to be razor sharp out of the box. I still love these knives and would recommend them under the pretense that the buyer knows they may have to do some sharpening of their own.

Beautiful knife

it Is my first Bone chopper knife, and I'm impressed. I'm a carbon guy (52100, etc), but this Bone chopper is really something. The design is not new, but one of my favourites, I've 2 zwilling BK simillar, and I love the feel on the hand. beautiful steel, beautiful craftmanship, the only thing I've to say i'ts that it could be more sharper out of the box, but it was easy to correct that. It's almost like carbon, So 5 Stars and a strongh recommendation for you buy this beautiful knife. .

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