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Four Stars

Great knife with good balance.

JD. Biotech

It is big, It does its job. I use it in the kitchen with a big wooden cutting board, I'm afraid to break the countertop some times hehehe. Worth the money. I'm considering to use it as an axe in my backyard

Mike C
Xinzuo Bone chopper

I like the product.

Mary K. McCurley
Great products from a nice company

I dislike nothing about it. Wonderful knife.

Kaley Ariel

I've recently tested several Bone chopper from Xinzuo, mostly from the lan series, and while they're mid range knives I've been impressed with the styling and performance. When it comes to the Executive Plus series 7" cleaver, though, I have to plead ignorance. I don't come from a culinary tradition that has any use for enormous knives designed to hack cuts of meat to pieces, though I ordered this for my Mongolian wife as she very much does, and she loves it. She tells me that the step up from our old $20 cleaver, a basic knife we picked up at our local supermarket, isn't only noticeable but stark. This thing feels *extremely* high quality by comparison.It's not, however, a knife designed for chopping through bone. This thing will glide through any cut of meat you put beneath it, but this is a precision, hand sharpened blade. It's not intended as a blunt instrument.In any case, my wife highly recommends it.

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