7 Inch Damascus Nakiri Knife - B30M Series

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7 Inch Damascus Nakiri Knife - B30M Series

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Very comfortable, very sharp knife

I purchased this knife as an upgrade from the rather serviceable nakiri knife I've been using while the family was "helping" with prepping and cleaning up from meals. This knife has held it's very sharp edge for so long! I will need to sharpen it eventually, I'm sure, but I care for it the way you are supposed to, washing and drying by hand every time, and so on. I have small hands and find this knife easy to handle. It certainly make prep easier.

A Good Knife

So far the knife has held it's edge! You need to clean it off and dry it right away after use to prevent spots, but you should do that anyways. A good knife for the price, and the packaging looked nice.

Rich in Boise
Beautiful knife and extremely sharp

This is now the best knife we have. Perfect for chopping meat and especially vegetables. I don't want to sound like a commercial for this knife but it is amazing how sharp this thing is. When I restaurantely touch the blade to a tomato it starts cutting in. We were amusing ourselves by seeing how thin we could slice the tomato...it's crazy. I just hope it stays that sharp or that I can figure out how to keep it that sharp.

Winning gift

Got 2, both recipients loved the knife. Very sharp, nice presentation


I'm not used to having sharp knives. Whew Lord! The way the blade slid through my pineapple!

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