6Pcs Knife Set

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6Pcs Knife Set

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Demeka Garner
Nice knives

super sharp, but they do the jobs.

Very sharp

Knives very very sharp. I was just cleaning my kitchen and dropped one on my foot, long story short i think i'm going to need stitches. definitely sharp and good knives, but wear close toed shoes in the kitchen y'all.

Woodland Pomeroy
Stunning (and functional)

This first thing that I noticed about this when I opened it up, was just how beautiful this set is. They were packaged very safely and the box serves as a nice place to store them if you don't want to use a knife block. The knives have a solid weight to them and they are easy to hold and didn't hurt my hands when using them. They look like quality, expensive knives. I haven't used every knife yet but the ones I have used did a great job. Easy to clean. And store. Great value for what appears to be superior quality. Great job.

Make mark
Seemed like nice knives

This was a gift. I've heard no complaints.

Great set

So I searched high and low for quality. these knives are so nice to use and hold sharpness so amazingly well! I do believe unless your cutting rocks and abusing them they will last you a long time without sharpening! We have had them for several months and they are still sharp as can be. I have not had to sharpen them yet.

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