15.8 Inch Magnet Wood Knives

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15.8 Inch Magnet Wood Knives

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Todd W.
Great way to store and display your knives

With a 3 year old at home we needed a way to put knives out of his reach but also easy to use. We had been tossing all of our knives in a basket in a locked cabinet but that was a PITA. This installed easily using the supplied drywall anchors and easily holds 8 knives of various sizes. The magnet is strong enough to keep them secure without having to use both hands to remove. On top of all of that - it actually LOOKS nice unlike some of the previous ones I've owned. The wood is beautiful with a slight concave form which is very appealing.

Country gal
Perfect for small kitchens

This fits perfectly on the side of my refrigerator. I love how it looks with my knives and how convenient it is. Great investment.

Very satisfied.

This is our second rack and we are still thrilled with its function and aesthetic.

Kyle Otis Garcia
Heavy loader

I'm really glad I found this I've been looking for a magnetic strip that's was just visually pleasing and capable of holding my sturdy knives and this is it i keep 3 of my heavy duty chefs knives (butcher, cleaver etc) that weight at least 2 lbs a piece and the adhesive is still holding it's been at least 2 months now. Great product

Exactly what I ordered!

This has a strong magnetic pull. I don't feel like my knives are going to drop off of it. It was easy to install and looks great!

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